Pan Chen


2018 – 2022

Honours Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

  • cGPA: 3.89
  • Specialist in Computer Science, Major in Statistics, Minor in Math



Nayan Saxena, Pan Chen, and Emmy Liu, Statistical Consequences of Dueling Bandits. RL4ED – EDM’21 Workshop on Reinforcement Learning for Education

Papers under review


Behavioral Consequences of Reminder Emails on Students’ Academic Performance: a Real-world Deployment

  • Co-authors: Angela Zavaleta Bernuy, Runlong Ye, Yini Mao

Understanding User Perspectives on Prompts for Brief Reflection on Troubling Emotions

  • Supervisor: Ananya Bhattacharjee
  • Organized a two-week deployment, and did data analysis on the participants’ responses, made sure that the paper was submitted on time to the conference


Fall 2021

Introduction to Computer Programming, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisor: Michael Liut
Fall 2021

Software Design, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisors: Paul Gries, Jonathan Calver, Lindsey Shorser

Research and Industrial Experience

2021 –

Programmer, Regulatory and Affective Dynamics Lab

  • Collaborated with the development of an application that trains people mental health skills by introducing intervention sessions
2020 –

Research Assistant, Intelligent Adaptive Interventions Lab

  • Advisor: Joseph Jay Williams
  • Collaborated with a homework reminder system deployed in a CS1 course with over 1000 students
  • Undergraduate lead for a project that trains participants for stress management by sending reflective questions
  • Developed tools for research purposes, such as Interactive Voice Response Collector for Qualtrics was used in a research project to give participants a choice to talk rather than text in a Qualtrics survey
  • Lead the lab website redesign team
  • Host the mentoring sessions
2020 – 2021

Software Developer, Infrastructures for Information

  • Core developer for a tool in Java that boosts productivity when working on multiple labelling documents.

External Collaborator, The Hospital for Sick Children

  • Collaborated with the development of a platform where patients can have the sound of urine recorded in the mobile app of this platform
2016 –

Founder & Editor, Chen’s Notes

  • Created Chen’s Notes, which is a blog focused on technology
  • Keep updating this website, sharing my knowledge to every corner of the internet


2019 – 2021

Dean’s List Scholar


ISSC Case Competition 2021 Most Creative Data/Topic Winner


Livability of Toronto

Mail tracker with personalized content

CVoice (Collecting Voice)

Face-Control Snake Game

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Student representative for STA304 (pending lottery draw)

Mentor at Intelligent Adaptive Interventions Lab

Undergraduate lead for TenQ project