Pan Chen

Publications / Presentations


Ye, R., Chen, P., Mao, Y., Wang, A., Shaikh, H. & Zavaleta Bernuy, A. (2022, August). Behavioral Consequences of Reminder Emails on Students’ Academic Performance: a Real-world Deployment. The 23rd ACM Annual
Conference on Information Technology Education


Han, Z., Gorobets, E., & Chen, P. (2022, June). Parameter efficient dendritic-tree neurons outperform perceptrons. ICML Workshop on Dynamic Neural Networks


Chen, P., Sibia, N., Zavaleta Bernuy, A., & Liut, M. Investigating the Impact of Voice Response Options in Surveys. The 52nd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education.


Saxena, N., Chen, P., & Liu, E. (2021, June). Statistical Consequences of Dueling Bandits. RL4ED – EDM’21 Workshop on Reinforcement Learning for Education.


Presented the livability of Toronto for newcomers in Toronto Data Workshop


Expect to start in September 2022

Master of Science in Computer Science, University of Toronto

  • Supervisor: Joseph Jay Williams
2018 – 2022

Honours Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

  • Specialist in Computer Science, major in Statistics, minor in Mathematics



Winter 2022

CSC343: Introduction to Databases, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisor: Michael Liut
  • Co-host weekly tutorials where I walk through the course materials with the students
Winter 2022

CSC165: Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisor: François Pitt
  • Co-manage the worksheet sessions with the professor and the other teaching assistant. I answer students’ questions and help them solidify their understanding of logical notation and reasoning
Fall 2021

CSC108: Introduction to Computer Programming, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisor: Andrew Petersen, Michael Liut
  • Co-hosted weekly tutorials with two other TAs which we alternatively played the role of the “Instructor”. When I was not the “Instructor”, I answered students’ questions in the breakout room
Fall 2021

CSC207: Software Design, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisors: Paul Gries, Jonathan Calver, Lindsey Shorser
  • Hosted weekly tutorials where I supervised students’ object-oriented projects, other duties included project and exercise gradings

Research and Industrial Experience

2021 –

Programmer, Regulatory and Affective Dynamics Lab

  • Collaborated with the development of an application using React, Express, and MongoDB that trains people mental health skills by introducing intervention sessions
2020 –

Research Assistant, Intelligent Adaptive Interventions Lab

  • Supervisor: Joseph Jay Williams
  • Collaborated with a homework reminder system deployed in a CS1 course with over 1000 students, writing scripts in Python for deployment and analysis
  • Undergraduate lead for a stress management project. Developed RESTful APIs with NodeJS and MongoDB
  • Lead the lab website redesign team
  • Host the mentoring sessions
2020 – 2021

Software Developer, Infrastructures for Information

  • Core developer for a tool in Java that boosts productivity when working on multiple labelling documents
2020 – 2021

Software Developer, TradeRev

  • NodeJS developer
  • Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

External Collaborator, The Hospital for Sick Children

  • Collaborated with the development of a platform where patients can have the sound of urine recorded in the mobile app of this platform, using Native React

Recent Projects

Voice Reflection System | JavaScript, React, MongoDB

Students’ Ability Predictor | Python, PyTorch, Pandas, scikit-learn, Backpropagation

Livability of Toronto | Python (Pandas), R

Resume Management System | HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP (Laravel), MySQL, MVC

Face-Control Snake Game | HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PoseNet

Get UofT Access | JavaScript