Smart Lock – What I love most about my Samsung Devices

Have been using a Samsung smartphone for nearly one year and a half, a feature I love most is not anything fancy but Smart Lock.

This is not the Smart Lock that I installed at my front door – it’s for unlocking the smartphones.

In short, it automatically keeps the devices unlocked in certain scenarios, for me, I set it up as follows:

  1. I am in my house (it’s not always accurate unfortunately), OR
  2. My device is connected to my Galaxy Buds Pro, OR
  3. My device is connected to my Galaxy Watch 4

The last two are very accurate and reasonable. If I am wearing buds or a watch, I no longer need to unlock the screen manually.

When I am going to buy a new phone this year or next year, I will do some research if the new smartphone has something similar. This is the feature I love most.


Samsung health doesn’t include the one extra hour today when the daylight saving time ended.

Today is the time: the daylight saving time ended – the time was rolled back one hour at 2PM.

I woke up checking my Samsung Health app. I am using a Galaxy Watch 4. I have made some complaints about the sleep tracker although the product overall is great. This morning I am disappointed again – it seems like the sleep tracker doesn’t include the extra one hour.

As you can see, I slept from 1:26 AM to 9:25 AM, which’s ~ 8 hours. But if you include the one extra hour, I should have slept for ~ 9 hours.

Anyway, I should watch to get to bed early and get up early😂. This screenshot discloses my bad habit.



I registered PAN.XYZ some time last week. It is renewed at a regular price of ~$10 even although it is a pretty short and meaningful domain.

The reason why I registered this domain is that PAN is my first name. However, PAN.XYZ does have another special meaning, which I thought of. Let me explain.

PAN in English is the word root for “All” according to Wikipedia, and we live in a three-dimensional world, which means all things have X, Y, and Z attributes in space. Therefore, PAN.XYZ means everything, every opportunity, the infinite possibility in life – which is my life philosophy.


No longer an Apple user – sold my iPad today

I have never been an Apple fan, however, more than 2.5 years ago in 2019, I bought my first and only Apple product – iPad wifi 128GB (6th gen). I used it mainly for taking notes paperlessly. The experience was great.

But today I sold my iPad together with Apple Pencil, which would be replaced by Samsung Tab S7 & S Pen. It is a result of my embracing into Samsung’s ecosystem, not Apple’s. I like the openness & customizability of Android, and iOS UI is just not my type. Additionally, S Pen works well so far, at least better than my sold 1st gen Apple Pencil.

Yet, I acknowledge iPad as a good product. If you love Apple’s ecosystem, definitely use it. The ecosystem is very important as I realize now.


TopCashback works and is an awesome choice for online shopping

In May, I bought a VPN service. The price was a little high, but with TopCashback, I successfully saved 65% in total – today, I received a VISA pre-paid card from them.

The only drawback is that it takes a little longer to process, about two months. But I feel like as long as it works, it doesn’t really matter to wait. So, I can confirm that by using TopCashback, we can save money!

I won’t talk about how to use TopCashback, but it is very simple and it is easy to find a tutorial. Have fun saving money as I did!