Hi, there!
I am Pan Chen.
I am studying Computer Science and Statistics Science at the University of Toronto.
My research focus is Artificial Intelligence.
I am a friendly, helpful and hard-working person.
It's my pleasure that you could find me in the corner of the Internet.
- Pan Chen

My Projects

  • 3030.link is a URL shotener that was build with MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js.
  • Every use has ten quotes which they could pay to get their customized short url for any url.
  • Using HTML, JavaScript (and JQuery), CSS and PHP and with the knowledege of AJAX, JSON, and SQL. I built this Dynamic Resume Management System.
  • You can login the Admin Panel with your username and password, and then you can add / update / delete any stuff from your resume. There is no easier way to get your resume online!
  • My resume here is generated by this system.
  • What's more, the resume generated by this system is completely mobile friendly, that makes it easy for everyone to view your resume everywhere.
  • Designed and Maintained my personal website on an Ubuntu server like a full-stack developer, with the skills of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and Ubuntu.
  • The website also has CMS features and it wins a 100% Lighthouse performance score.
  • Developed a theme for a content management system named WordPress which has powered more than one third of the websites globally.
  • Applied Masonry Layout Design, Enabled the Customizability to better the user experience. Other features include fixed header, pop-out panel, dynamic description, read progress indicator.
  • Applied a TensorFlow model called PoseNet to detect the player’s position in real time, so that the player can move their face to control their snake to eat more apples.
  • The program stores words and their prefix’s in the Tree data structure. And people can look up a prefix and then get a list of the corresponding words that have the prefix. This program was written in Python.
  • Applied image classification with 95.96% accuracy on the MNIST dataset using a neural network applied through TensorFlow.
  • Applied a variety of software design patterns including Iterator, Observer, Strategy, and model–view–controller. Also designed a fully functional GUI for user input using the java swing package.
  • Implemented software testing code using JUnit.
  • The library management system was developed with my classmates at Northeastern University. This library management system satisfies the basic needs for library management such as borrowing books, returning books, and searching for books. This library management system was written in C++.
  • Developed a popular arcade redemption game with Verilog in FPGA board.

My Story

I was born and raised in Fuzhou, a coastal city in southeastern China. I spent my first eighteen years there. Many memories were formed there as I became an adult from a little boy.

I was a lousy student until Grade 8 when I transformed myself into a good student. I don't know why I decided to make such change and locked my PSP and PS Vita in the safe at that time. But thanks to that year's hard-working, I was able to continue my studies at the best high school in the province - Fuzhou No.1 Middle School, and this is what I feel proudest of even today. Ever since then, I believe that the harder you work, the luckier you are.

And after I graduated from Fuzhou No.1 Middle School in 2017. I moved to Shenyang to study Computer Science and Technology at the Northeastern University. There, I decided to bring another significant change to my life. I chose to apply to the University of Toronto and got a place with my strong academic performance. And I came to where I am in the fall of 2018.

I am a responsible person who takes his commitment very seriously. I always do my part with high quality within the promised time. And that’s why my friends can trust me.

Besides, I own a wide range of interests, from music, movies to history, politics and so on. During my spare time, I work on my debut novel – Three Years in FZYZ, a book based on my real high school life.

My Footprints

I love travelling. It makes me realize how diverse our world is and the importance of thinking in a more comprehensive way.


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