Hi, there!
I am Pan Chen.
I am studying Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics at the University of Toronto.
My research interest is Human-Computer Interaction.
I am a friendly, helpful, and hard-working person.
It’s my pleasure that you could find me on the corner of the Internet.
– Pan Chen

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Pan Chen’s Story

Southeastern China

Hi there! I am Pan Chen. It is also my Chinese name. If you are curious how to pronounce my name correctly, it is “Panda” without “-da” in the end.

I was born and grew up in a coastal city in southeastern China. I have a family of four, and I am the only one in my family who studies computer science.

I was a lousy student until Grade 8 when I transformed myself into a good student. I don’t know why I decided to make such a change and locked my PSP and PS Vita in the safe at that time. But thanks to that year’s hard-working, I was able to continue my studies at the best high school in the province, and this is what I feel proudest of even today. Ever since then, I believe that the harder you work, the luckier you are.

Northeastern China

After leaving high school, I moved to the north part of China to attend university. I saw the snow for the first time during my stay there. I chose computer engineering as my program, and this is how I became the only one in my family.


Then, I moved to Canada to continue my studies at a research-based University. Since I was a transfer student, I faced the risk of losing the chance to study what I am passionate about, due to the capacity limit of the computer science program. But again, I worked hard, and I gained the chance. Now, I study not only computer science but also statistics science. I hope that I can utilize the power of big data to do something good.

This year, I am doing an internship as a software developer. Though my goal is going to graduate school after my four-year undergraduate study, I still believe that one year in the industry is valuable to me as I can better understand how to collaborate with my team. I will be more efficient and responsible because I need to keep my commitments with high quality on time. I get the salary, so I have to make my efforts.

Besides, I also join a research program offered by my university. Internship and research at the same time are challenging stuff. But I am sure after this year, I will learn a lot, and this’s all my hard-working is worth for.

My motto is “Take the public interests into account, Seek the popular honour with immortality”. It sounds big, but if speaking in a more easy-to-understand way, I always try to give others my hands if I can.

Also, I own a wide range of interests, from music, movies to history, politics and so on. During my spare time, I work on my debut novel, a book based on my real high school life.

Pan Chen’s Projects

Statistical Consequences of Dueling Bandits Power in different conditions
Statistical Consequences of Dueling Bandits

A paper at Workshop on Reinforcement Learning for Education, 14th International Conference on Educational Data Mining, Paris, France, 2021. This paper analyzes power, regret, the proportion of Condorcet winners for Double Thompson sampling and Uniform assignment with dueling bandits algorithm.

Get UofT Access

A Chrome extension that automatically redirects webpage to myaccess.utoronto.ca with one-click. Save your time! It may take your 5 seconds to 10 seconds to copy and paste myaccess.utoronto.ca in the address bar, but now it is just one click.

Pizza Parlour APIs

I created the Web APIs with Python and Flask.

Both integration and unit tests are done, making sure that the features: order pizza, order drink, change order, check menu, set delivery, and so on, were implemented correctly.

Your Today

Your Today is a Web Application that is built with Express for the backend, ReactJS for the frontend, and MongoDB for the database. Many frameworks/libraries / External API have been used, such as Material-UI, Socket.IO, OpenWeatherMap and so on. The app provides users with a way to customize their browser homepages. Additionally, users can send instant messages to their contacts.

3030.Link – NodeJS based URL Shortener

3030.link is a URL shortener that was built with MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js.

Every user has ten quotes that they could pay to get their customized short URL for any URL.

Luxury Rental Database

I designed the Database Schema for a fictitious company “Luxury Rental” in a database course.

The database they used was the relational PostgreSQL.

CMail - personalized content and open rate tracking.

CMail is an online tool that makes mail merge easier. Users can also track the open of the email and any link inside the email body. This tool is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, or other email services with a correct SMTP configuration.


CVoice is a tool that helps researchers bring voice response questions to the participants in a Qualtrics survey. Pre-built templates make it possible to do A/B testing. Used in a research project at a top 30 university.

Face-Control Snake Game

Applied a TensorFlow model called PoseNet to detect the player’s position in real time, so that the player can move their face to control their snake to eat more apples.

Neural Network with MNIST database

Applied image classification with 95.96% accuracy on the MNIST dataset using a neural network applied through TensorFlow.

Prefix Tree and Melodies
  • The program stores words and their prefix’s in the Tree data structure. And people can look up a prefix and then get a list of the corresponding words that have the prefix. This program was written in Python.

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